Meet your new favorite tool

Say goodbye to endless email replies. Feed collects and displays your review links like Instagram and lets you keep track of your files, revisions, and comments all in one place.

Connect Your Platforms

Connect your existing tools to see shared files from Dropbox, Google Drive, and others right in your Feed.

Feed Cards

Easily import and open shared content from each Feed card or scan for the most recent comments and approvals.

Smart Filters

Filter your Feed by integration, workspace, or individual sender to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Your feed updates when new recipients are added or when your team sends comments, replies, or uploads new versions.

Say goodbye to email

Sidestep endless email threads. Say goodbye to feedback in a thousand locations. Relax into an intuitive, organized workflow as familiar as the social media platforms you use daily.

Simplify review

Meet your new workflow nirvana. View and import files from different platforms and collect feedback in one place. No more forgetting passwords and managing endless browser tabs.

Consolidate your tools

Get links from popular services like Dropbox, WeTransfer or Google Drive. Feed becomes your central hub for any links shared with you for you to review and approve.

One click approvals

One-click version management and dead simple approval means your projects move along faster, your clients are happier, and you are off to the next project in no time.



One big family!
Connect Feed to just about everything

You use a variety of services to send or receive files. It's time you take control back. Connect a growing number of platforms to Feed to have one place to rule them all.


Your Feed, wherever you are

Review files on the go, make comments, and give the thumbs up. Synced between desktop, browser, and mobile, you’ll never miss the latest.



Creative Fund Winner, Matt Kazman


for review

See how director Matt Kazman uses SHIFT to streamline his review and approval process for his winning short film “Father Figurine”. Easily exporting clips, adding them to SHIFT, and sharing them with his collaborators made the post-production process run smoothly for the whole team.

SHIFT for all your devices

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