Media Management

Organize, find, and share your content

Manage and tag your media at scale across workflows, projects, and clients.

Media management for video

SHIFT is cloud based media management built for video workflows. Upload, organize, find, and share your content at any scale across many projects and clients.

Powerful media search

Search, filter, and find what you're looking for across every project and file. Use AI services to add an extra dimension of metadata to support your growing library.

Fast file sharing

Speed up file sharing with smart tools that eliminate the wait. Upload files and choose the recipients. SHIFT will send the files when ready allowing you to move on.

Studio-grade security

With granular permissions, MFA and SSO options, as well as the exclusive use of SafeStream watermarking technology, SHIFT serves large enterprises in media.

Versions & Uploads

Version management

Manage multiple versions of a file and seamlessly track comments for each version. New versions automatically update your team without the need to send new links.

Global Search

Always find what you're looking for

Use metadata based search to find what you’re looking for. Connect your projects to popular cloud-based AI services to search files using transcripts, phonetics, image tags, or face recognition.

SHIFT for all your devices

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