Review and Approval

Intuitive review, simplified approval

Dead simple review tools that work for everyone, anywhere.

Frame-accurate commenting

Get to the point with time-coded, frame-accurate comments. Quickly become a power user with keyboard shortcuts as you comment, reply, and move the project forward with your team.

On-screen drawing

Make your point visually with on-screen drawing tools. Choose from different shapes and colors to differentiate users or areas of interest.

Versioning and updates

Upload new versions of files without the need to send out new links or files. Existing share links will update to bring everyone up to speed. Easily compare and comment on changes.

One-click approval

Designed for the executive reviewers, appreciated by all. Get the greenlight from key stakeholders on every project. With one click, your team members give the thumbs up (literally) to get your project to the finish line.

Timecoded comments

Give crystal-clear feedback

Be precise with your input with on-screen drawing and timecoded comments. Keep track of who said what in comment threads. Like what you see? Tap the thumbs-up to quickly approve the file.

Synced across devices

Review from anywhere, anytime

Stay productive with SHIFT GO, our mobile app. Everything you see and do on mobile syncs in real-time to the web and desktop versions of the app.



Creative Fund Winner, Matt Kazman


for review

For his winning short film project “Father Figurine”, director Matt Kazman used SHIFT to easily gather notes and feedback from his team. See how he moved from emails full of private video links to one streamlined system.

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