Review and Approval

Intuitive review, simplified approval

Dead simple review tools that work for everyone, anywhere.

Frame-accurate commenting

Get to the point with time-coded, frame accurate comments. Quickly become a power user with keyboard shortcuts as you comment, reply, and move the project forward with your team.

On-screen drawing

Make your point visually with on-screen drawing tools. Choose from different shapes and colors to differentiate users or areas of interest.

Versioning and updates

Upload new versions of files without the need to send out new links or files. Existing share links will update to bring everyone up to speed. Easily compare and comment on changes.

One-click approval

Designed for the executive reviewers, appreciated by all. Get the greenlight from key stakeholders on every project. With one click, your team members give the thumbs up (literally) to get your to the finish line.

Simple & Secure Sharing

Review and Approval

Intuitive Review and Approval

Our timecode accurate player makes it easy to annotate and comment frame-by-frame. Communicate more effectively without juggling browser tabs, login details, or long email chains.

Smart File Sharing

Drag and drop files from your desktop to upload to projects or folders or use Shift-to-share to send files while they are uploading. Combining smart uploading features with blazing speed file transfer means you are getting more done.

All Review Links in One Place

Feed collects all your links from SHIFT, Wiredrive or Mediasilo in one convenient place. Even connect other file sharing platforms you’re already using like Googe Drive and WeTransfer to tame the chaos of creative workflows.

Commenting & To do’s

Simple and effective feedback tracking

Turn comments to tasks and track them by version. Then export in various formats. Simple approval that works the way you do.



Creative Fund Winner, Matt Kazman


for review

For his winning short film project “Father Figurine”, director Matt Kazman used SHIFT to easily gather notes and feedback from his team. See how he moved from emails full of private video links to one streamlined system.

Shift to Share

Share files fast

Upload and share large files at lightning speed. SHIFT-TO-SHARE automatically sends files when they are ready so you can move on to the next thing. Fast uploads and smart workflow means your team is up to ten times more productive.


All on your desktop

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