SafeStream Security


Security for real-time workflows.

Built right into SHIFT

SafeStream is the only real-time content security technology of its kind - and its natively built into the SHIFT platform. Enable SafeStream on a project or file level to get security coverage where and when you need it.

100% Accountability

SafeStream embeds user identifiable information into every file in real-time. Without any compromise to the user experience, files are delivered with 100% accountability from the time they are uploaded.

Visible and Forensic

Visible watermarks act as an effective deterrent to unwanted sharing of content. Since they are burned into the video stream itself can can’t be removed, they are efffective for a variety of pre-release workflows.

Always On

Our no-compromise approach to usability means SafeStream works silently in the background. Enable it on a project level to get complete peace of mind, Studio tested and approved, SafeStream protects content throughout the lifecycle.

Always-On Security

All the security,
none of the compromise

Protect all content in SHIFT through SafeStream - the only of its kind video security technology that effectively prevents content theft and misuses through visible and forensic watermarks. Each video is individualized and contains visible and invisible user data that can be traced.

Visible Watermarking

Prevent leaks or accidental sharing by adding a layer of personalized, real-time watermarking to each video file you store in SHIFT.

Forensic Watermarking

Keep your viewer experience intact with invisible watermarks. Forensic marks keep your content safe and secure without the visual clutter.

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