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SHIFT’s mission is simple. We strive to empower creators at all levels to develop and deliver exceptional work.

SHIFT’s brands have been at the heart of media, advertising and entertainment for more than a decade.

Our name may be new, but our products are not. Together, they share a unified vision for improving all aspects of creative in order to impact the industry as a whole, and we’re continually breaking ground with new technology that makes working with media secure, easy, and dare we say it, fun.

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Think working with video is hard? You're not alone.

Creating great content can be difficult. But your tools shouldn’t be. SHIFT gives content creators the ability to tell their stories effectively in a rapidly shifting industry rife with challenges. We’re establishing an environment where creators of all types can free themselves from hurdles and standard operating systems. Where you can look beyond what’s already been done, think freely, and develop exceptional, valuable creative.

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From Hollywood to Madison Avenue, SHIFT drives creative

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