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The world’s leading content creators rely on SHIFT products
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All your work in one place

Never miss a thing

Everything that needs your attention, all in one place. See links from multiple review systems and senders in a simple, actionable stream, all on your desktop.

Integrates with the tools you already use

Infinite extensibility and an ever-growing list of compatible products.

No more email for review and approval

Forget convoluted file names, meaningless subject lines and endless back and forth. Track the progression of versions and comments.

Collaborate like the best

In real time or on your time

Work with your team or on your own and know your notes are actionable and easy to find.

Know who you’re talking to

Leave crystal clear feedback, see at a glance what still needs to be done, easily loop in new voices, or take a private sidebar.

Show exactly what you mean

On-screen drawing tools and frame-accurate commenting facilitate special effects, animation and standards and practices review

Manage your projects with ease

  • Internal and external sharing
    Internal and external sharing

    Intuitive drag-and-drop makes organizing painless.

    Intuitive drag-and-drop makes organizing painless.

  • Enterprise-ready permissions
    Enterprise-ready permissions

    Know exactly who is receiving and viewing your content.

    Know exactly who is receiving and viewing your content.

  • Team switching made easy
    Team switching made easy

    Move effortlessly between workspaces for agency or production handoff.

    Move effortlessly between workspaces for agency or production handoff.

simple workflow
secure workflow

All of the security. None of the compromises.

  • Forensic watermarking

    When visible watermarks are not enough, forensic marks can be used to track the lead to its source. Best of all, it's invisible to the user.

  • Visible watermarking

    Prevent leaks by individualizing each video file stored in SHIFT. Files are watermarked for each user in real time, preventing accidental sharing or leaking.

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