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  • What's the catch? Do I need to enter my credit card information? Is there a time limit?

    No catch and you don't need a credit card! Stay under 50GB of storage, and enjoy SHIFT for free, forever.

  • What if I need more projects or want to request more storage?

    We can add you to our early access group for SHIFT for Teams. Please Contact Sales for more information.

  • What features do I have access to use in SHIFT as a free user?

    All of them! You'll have access to Feed, Recent items, Shares, and Projects. We've just limited the functionality and storage available for free users.

  • Can I add other users to my account to collaborate on projects?

    No you cannot add more users to your account. But anyone can create a SHIFT account to collaborate with you for free.

  • How can I access my SHIFT account?

    In any browser and through the desktop app.

  • I have a technical question about SHIFT. Who do I ask and how?

    You can submit a ticket for SHIFT support who will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

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