All the data you need

Track your Link performance, know your audience, and see all activity.

Multiple data displays

We got you covered, whether you’re looking for a high-level glance or engagement by specific viewers.

Stats at a glance

See a list of your links on the left, and link info on the right: total viewers, approvals, and comments.

Find your data, fast

Search for specific links, files, and recipients using the contextual search bar.

Secure oversight

See a complete audit of every action ever taken on a Link, from viewers and your team members.

Know Your Audience

See where they are, what they’re doing

Track viewer engagement on your content, and where in the world they are.

Stay Up To Date

Real-time analytics

Get up-to-the-second updates on comments, downloads, approvals, and views.

Secure Oversight

An admin's best friend

See at a glance all the Links your users are sending, and a complete audit trail of activity on every Link.

SHIFT for all your devices

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